No Country for Old Boys

No Country for Old Boys

"For I shall build your Memories into Monuments,

as Foundations of a New World

where Euthymia guards forevermore."

The third and final album from Pandu Hutomo.

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Madeleine of Lost Souls.jpg

Madeleine of Rogues

Stories that happened back when the world was still beautiful. They now remain as Shadows of Memory on the neon alleys of our Reforged Reality...

The second album from Pandu Hutomo, with lead single "Felicia (feat. Young ill)"


"...has a restless and multi-cultural feeling as if the creation of someone unsure of where their home is."

Dancing About Architecture

"...massentauglicher Rock, welcher mit den ganz großen Produktionen aus dem Hause Sony oder Universal."

eXcess Magazine

"...make your head spin with his creativity and precision-filled performances, in a variety of styles..."


"...brilliant musical madman... you cannot – repeat, cannot – teach creativity like this, ya just can’t."


Saint of Moonlit Worlds.jpg

Introducing the Rogue

"My fellow twin, the Hypocrite Reader..."

Also known as the Batavian Rogue, Pandu Hutomo is Southeast Asia’s most obscure rockstar. By the age 28, he’s done it all: a nomad, a banker, a CEO, a teacher, a private investigator, an addict. He’d ride cross-country to escape the urban facade, and enjoy the company of prostitutes to avoid getting his heart broken. His breakthrough single, “Insane”, was created at the most depraved height of his career working for a misguided government official. However, it was the 2017 album Wasted Hearts: A Love Story for the (Loveless) Ages that made his listeners stay, a collection of forlorn rock tunes written when he was young and innocent.


His music reflects specific periods of his life, resulting in a wildly diverse discography where the only mainstay is his poetic lyrics of longing and loneliness. He’d sing about married women, coeds, country girls, or that one whore he met in Singapore. To all of them, he’d sing from the bottom of his heart.


After the world changed forever in 2020, as well as the release of the autobiographical “South City” on his 28th birthday, Pandu suffered massive cognitive dissonance, leading him to believe that he was a runaway from an alternate timeline—a timeline where the world never shut down, where he was still the Batavian Rogue who snoops around Bangkok red districts and Hong Kong neon labyrinth. His only tether to that world, and to sanity, are the songs he inescapably churns out... like the litany of a demon.

"Carmady, the All-American sucker... a guy that plays with the help and carries the torch for stray broads."

Raymond Chandler