Introducing the Rogue

"My fellow twin, the Hypocrite Reader..."

Welcome, wretched souls, and lay your wasted hearts to rest--for you are never safe anywhere, certainly not within this violent space. So let's just enjoy the night--for the sun always rises.

Pandu Hutomo used to be in a band. He also used to be a banker, a hotelier, a ticketer, a teacher, a CEO, and a criminal. Anyway, it seems the one you're looking for is the musical artist, so let's just talk about that one.

Well, as much as he can talk. He might be too busy right now, with the whores of Geylang, coeds of Chiang Mai, goddesses of Saigon--who knows? Please, take some time to browse his wares.

"Carmady, the All-American sucker... a guy that plays with the help and carries the torch for stray broads."

Raymond Chandler

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