On the Great Hiatus, and “Boys Like Me”

When I released “Amelie” in May 2019, the lifestyle of catering to the corrupt, idle rich—and the lifestyle of bloodsucking on their leftovers—was finally taking a toll on me. Frankly speaking, I was doggoned. It really didn’t help that I was crazy head over heels for another rich woman (who, unbeknown to me at that time, was already engaged). Writing songs for women just didn’t make any more sense to me, and my head was more occupied by get-rich-quick schemes and prostitutes anyway.

And yet, there was Light.

The storied Year of YES, which would later be documented in my humblest release so far, “We’re Only Living (When We’re Dying)”. I gained my freedom and fled abroad, fulfilling yet another prophecy (but that’s a story for another song) and reset five years of my age. Alas, I wasn‘t rich like that madman. I wasn’t blessed with a wife whose inheritance could buy mountains of gold. I had to go home.

”Boys Like Me” was born from this foulest of moods.

And with its release, a new era...


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