Rock Banget! A Short Retrospective on the Breakout Single Called “Insane”

Updated: May 29, 2020

June 2018 marked the point of no return for me. A simple job of teaching English to a government official became the starting point of a demonic snowball that would end up almost killing me and putting me in jail—more than once. This official, this man, there is no other way to say it—he’s insane. And madness attracts madness. Little did I know, climbing the elevator to a dingy floor in City Hall that day, that my Baudelairian self-prophecy would come to fruition.

I recorded this song in Jogja, along with “Peri Hujan”. The two are kind of spiritual twins—the oldest and the youngest tunes I’ve written at the time. “Peri Hujan” marked my first song to be added to New Music Friday Indonesia, after the cover of Mariah Carey’s Christmas song the previous month. (That one, too, was an insane breakout.)

”Insane” took that insanity to eleven and changed everything.

It put me up in a national editorial playlist, Rock Banget (which has been revamped into Cadas Bergema these days), the third song from the top, doggedly tailing Superman Is Dead and Edane.

Two months later it appeared on the international Just Rock!, alongside some crazy heavyweight names. This surprising luck went on until my DistroKid subscription expired in 2019, which ended up deleting my full album from all platforms and—somehow—kicking me out of the national playlist, which immediately got renamed.

Whatever the reasons for it to began, whatever the reasons for it to end, it was fun while it lasted.

Here’s hoping for another string of luck.

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