Wasted Hearts: A Love Story for the (Loveless) Ages

The year was 2017. I just quit my first job, due to too many ridiculous missteps and bleeding coincidences. I just released my first EP too, which now shall not be named forever after—a collection of half-baked tunes for half-baked romances.

My God, those were SUCH evil women!

A young mother of one who welcomed advances to use in long-term manipulation, a rich girl with an obsessive boyfriend, a morally-absent xenophile, and a psychopath with dyed hair and wonderful ass...

Truly, the most horrendous of times. Enough to drive a man mad and release a total dud as his first foray into solo artistry.

So what did I do to move on from this lamentable affair? Do you even have to ask, buddy? I did nothing else but proceed to record ANOTHER one.

And this time, I decided to make it good. Well, at least REAL. No more forced concepts of a “paramour’s manifesto”—whatever the hell that means. I recorded a few of my old songs, the trusty ones I made in the earliest days of guitar-strumming back in high school, and a few new ones focused solely on melodies. I made it 10 songs, as a real album would have.

If you ask for the definitive works of Pandu Hutomo, look no further than this album.

  1. McFlurry Blues!

  2. Wasted Hearts

  3. Call Me When You’re Feeling Down

  4. Rogue Everything...

  5. The Factory (Sheffield Grifter’s Blues)

  6. Hopeful Romantics

  7. Conservative Dear

  8. Rosamarie

  9. Miss Stewardess (Flight Lost)

  10. Sixteen


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