Madeleine of Rogues.jpg

"...has a restless and multi-cultural feeling as if the creation of someone unsure of where their home is."

Dancing About Architecture

"...massentauglicher Rock, welcher mit den ganz großen Produktionen aus dem Hause Sony oder Universal."

eXcess Magazine

"...make your head spin with his creativity and precision-filled performances, in a variety of styles..."


"...brilliant musical madman... you cannot – repeat, cannot – teach creativity like this, ya just can’t."


Wasted Hearts.jpg

"If there is any justice in the world these songs should be on everyone’s lips, every radio playlist and in everybody’s record collections."

Dancing About Architecture

"An ultimately expressive blend of cool indie sounds and emotive pop melodies, ‘Wasted Hearts’ is lyrically moving and brilliantly crafted, arriving as one of the great undiscovered gems of the year so far."

Broken 8 Records

Mojang Supremacy.jpg

"...electrifying guitar-play, hard-hitting drumming, and melodies that know exactly how to take control of your mind, body, and soul."


"Mit musikalischem Feingefühl, lässt er einen Song nieder, wie er (und das ist ein Kompliment!) perfekt in den Soundtrack von Teenie-Streifen wie American Pie gepasst hätte..."

She Wolf Magazin

"It is great sound with a mix of Classic and Alternative Rock that comes from the same universe as the groundbreaking 1985 album “Love” by The Cult... Pandu Hutomo maintains a cohesive and infectious groove as he sings a stream of consciousness ode to the fairer sex."

The Static Dive

South City.jpg

" good it should be in a box of its own."


"Fazit 10 von 10: Ein moderner Popsong, welcher zwischen Elektro und Alternative angesiedelt ist und von einem talentierten Sänger und Songwriter vorgetragen wird."

She Wolf Magazin

"An epic narrative of love and regret... Pandu transitions between Indie rocker and Adult Contemporary crooner with easy authenticity."

The Static Dive